Info & inspiration

Everything on the JdR. Podcast is either in English or in Dutch. Currently there are four categories:

Columns: these are creative, contemplative writings in which I aim myself at the reader/listener, yet often I talk about myself and my experiences. I try to integrate some humor and style for the columns to be more than just venting.

Stories: a wild dream of mine would be to one day write and publish a novel, but so far, I have found myself unable to endure the process. I recently created this category on the podcast to train myself at developing character, plot and style.

Poems: to allow myself more freedom in the way I express myself through writing, I thought it was a good idea to try and write poems as well. I’ve recently added this category and hope to develop it more.

Conversations: because I love great conversation and I fell in love with the podcast medium thanks to great long form discussions many podcasters publish, I just had to feature this category as well.

In the sidebar on this page you can discover some of the latest books I’ve read. That might give you an idea of what my own writing is influenced by, before you subject yourself to any of it. :)