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What I am going to say next might resonate for some and not at all for others. If you are part of the latter, then good for you, you’re in a better place than most, and too bad for my effort of writing today. But so be it. At first, I didn’t know what to write. But thoughts have an interesting way of revealing themselves whenever I stick to the keyboard while ruminating for a few hours. So here it goes:



I’m not sure what to say, because my mind keeps gravitating towards places I don’t understand or I simply don’t want it to go. There is so much to know and to say about everything and it is so hard to concentrate, on pretty much anything. It’s surely some sort of cognitive disability or character flaw I am not dealing with the way I should.

Nevertheless, never before has my attention had so much appeal: from brands, companies, people yelling from the hills of their self-proclaimed moral high ground, and simply people that happen to be around, branding themselves with every move they make, every stance they take and many untruthful words they speak.

Yet it seems to me that never before, people have cared so little about what others really think, as long as these others seem to accept their alleged inferiority. When people notice that this is not the case, they seem to be shook up and choke. I say, let them, so that the ugly part of them dies off and a better version of them can be born. Who knows they can become actual friends, that contribute usefully and positively, not just by being entertaining but by being reliable partners not just in crime and clubs but in solace and success. Partners that help us make the right choices and don’t secretly (yet so obviously) rejoice when we’re making the wrong ones.

I am just saying. Enough bullshit already. And that goes for all of us bitches and assholes.